Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tutorial and digital scrapbook freebie

Mini tutorial day!  I am going to show you how to add text to spherical elements - like all those fun ornaments in the lovely Christmas kits releasing now.  There's also a little freebie at the end of this post.  The ornament from this tutorial is a sample from my Country Christmas kit, which is 50% off through Saturday.
 and coordinating templates

A little basic effect goes a long way towards making your text or wordart look real.  I am working in CS5 -  not 100% sure what other versions this will work in.  With your wording layer selected, you are going to go up to FILTER>DISTORT>SPHERIZE.  Then set your amount to 100% and mode to "normal".

And in case you don't have the spherize effect available to you, here's a little freebie.  "Joy" word art in its normal form, spherized form, and applied to an ornament.  I applied a glitter effect and slight shadow for realism, and see how it really looks like it's wrapping around the ball shape - magic!


  1. Thank you for adding a png file!! Can't wait to use it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing -- & for the tutorial!!

  3. wonderful tut! I just run across your designs and blog. I'm a retired designer aka Crystalz Colorz and I just love your stuff!!!